As a graphic designer, I have always loved photography and image making. 

I have thirty years of invaluable experience as a Graphic designer on projects large and small on a variety of media platforms. I have held key roles in a diversity of companies both in London and Amsterdam. 

My experience has included selecting and art directing some fantastic, talented and inspirational photographers. I often wished that it was myself behind the lens. In 2010 I moved from London to the Netherlands with my Dutch husband and children. I have continued with freelance graphic design but over the years realised that my passion is really with macro photography.

I developed my technical skills and started practicing with a new macro lens, exploring the natural beauty around me in Rotterdam.

I love capturing the detail and combining shallow depth of field with graphic compositions to create close up, minimal abstract images. Details that are not always noticed with the natural eye. I create these by playing with colour and light, adjusting focal points and determining areas that blur out of focus.

I love the idea of taking photographs of beautiful tiny details and magnifying it’s beauty into a large print on the wall. 

I hope that people will love these prints as much as I have enjoyed making them and they find homes all over the world.

Thank you for visiting my website.